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PMDC Motors for Cricket Bowling Machine

A cricket bowling machine is designed such that it can provide support to the batsmen to develop their batting skill. The machine can generate different patterns of bowling same as bowler. The cricket bowling machine consists of two PMDC motors in which one rotates in anticlockwise and the other in clockwise direction.

The gap between the wheels should be slightly less than the diameter of the ball to be thrown. A valve is welded and placed in between the two motors. As the motor attains the speed, the balls are inserted into the valve. This machine transfers the kinetic energy to the ball by frictional gripping of the ball between two rotating wheels. The rotating speed of the motor can be adjusted by using electronic regulator independently. The machine will be able to generate different patterns of bowling by changing the speed of each motor. Motors used in this application: E and D Series Permanent Magnet DC Servo motors with Ferrite magnets

The drive motors are electrically permanent magnet DC motor to adjust the rotational speed of each wheel separately. The operation of an electric motor is it always converts electrical energy into the mechanical energy, Here input given to motor is using DC Supply.

Pranshu Electricals offers Motors with high durability PMDC Motors for cricket bowling machine. These Motors are the most common motors used in industrial motion control systems, with rugged design, low cost and low maintenance. Our motors are capable of having swing motion of the ball, motors are able to be rotated in different speed so swing bowling can be simulated. It can also manage the effect which gives the direction to the swing ball.

As a market leader in India in supply of motors for the segment of Cricket Bowling machine, Pranshu Electricals offers apart from standard product also special solution for this segment.